Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome all to Home Medication Review Network Australia

Welcome all!

Home Medication Review has been shown to be of benefit to our patients particularly those who are on complex medication regime with increased drug interaction potential.  However, there have been a few road blocks for HMR and these are discussed below:

GP factors:
  • We as GPs, often run late and that is the last thing on our agenda and the patient's agenda.
  • We are so busy that we are not thinking about it.
  • Some of us are deterred by the "red tape" associated with a Home Medication Review.
  • Some of us may not even know that the HMR item number exist particularly the junior GP Registrars.
  • Some of us do not know which Pharmacist Consultants in our local areas are available.
  • The turn around time for a HMR report is unreliable and hence, may not be appropriate for certain patients as a medication review for them is "urgent".
  • Some of us have never worked with a Pharmacist Consultant and hence, do not have the confidence to refer patients for the HMR.
  • Some of us may not be familiar with the eligibility criteria for a HMR.
Pharmacist factors:
  • Pharmacists do not readily get opportunities to introduce themselves to their local GPs.
  • Pharmacists as well as GPs are not "natural" self promoters and hence, get a bit lost in the process.
  • This role is relatively new and evolving for pharmacist and hence, time management and turn around time for reports can be difficult.
Through this forum and blog, we hope to solve some of the "road blocks" above and ultimately, help our patients through the better collaboration between GPs and Pharmacist Consultants.

I look forward to see this project evolve over time to benefit the community through better pharmacotherapy management.

Dr Vin Tran
MBBS FRACGP University of Qld


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